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A66: Industry and Nature

'A66: Industry and Nature' celebrates the beauty that is found in the North of England. The project looks at the A66, a road that stretches from near Grangetown, a town near Middlesbrough and Leng’s hometown of Saltburn on the Eastern coast, all the way across the centre of the country to Workington in the Lake District on the West coast. Along the way the road passes Middlesbrough’s industry, many natural and man-made attractions and sights and the Lake District’s fells and lakes. The road stretches for 115 miles and takes under 3 hours to complete, the views found from the road change drastically change from hour to hour but all of them are undeniably Northern.

The project was shot in different ways; as much of the road does not have appropriate stopping places to take photographs of the sights or locations, Leng resorted to having a camera assistant shoot from the moving car using a medium format 6x7 Fuji camera, the shutter speed was always set to 500 during these times to minimise movement blur, however some was desirable to help enforce the concept of a road trip. The photographs resemble the exact views that you would see if you were to travel the road. As well as this there are also photographs of certain places that can be found along the road. Some examples are the town of Middlesbrough where he explored the local areas and looked at the industry and the lake district where he looked at the natural beauty of the land and the cafes and attractions that could be found along the way. The project overall aims to be  celebration of the North and a love letter to Leng’s local area and childhood holiday locations.

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